Private Training: Adult


The Adult Training program is a customizable program for adults looking to     energize their lives. Our unique program can be catered to fit the needs of those who are returning from injury, wanting to improve their health, currently active or looking for a change. We build an appropriate progressive program to get you reach your goals. This personalized training is comprised of innovative training geared to shock, change, and improve your overall health. The goal of our adult program is to incorporate interval cardio, functional strength training and an overall healthy lifestyle. 



 Our goal for you is to have:

Increased energy throughout work and your daily activities
An active life with your friends and family
More confidence in your abilities/body
A clearer mind
Better sleep quality
Less chance of injury
Healthier lifestyle

What is the key to this program?

We've designed a dynamic program that is designed to shock the body, creating a strong, flexible lean build. You will get into your best shape which will allow you to do whatever you desire; be it a trip to the Grand Canyon with your family, a tennis match, or the energy for an evening out on the town in the outfit you’ve been waiting to wear.


I have a personal trainer! How will this benefit me?

If you have a personal trainer, are active at the gym, or in sports, we can offer you something more. We take training to another level with new and innovative training you won’t find in a health club.


I'm not in shape! Will I be able to do this?

Don't let inactivity hold you back any longer. Due to the 1-on-1 setting, each day will be customized to fit your athletic ability.


Can my lifestyle be healthier?

Yes, an increase in physical activity will ultimately lead to a healthier way of living through improved energy, strength, flexibility, and an increase in blood flow.








Program Breakdown

  • Private training must be scheduled by appointment only
  • Training sessions run 60 or 90 minutes in length
  • Days of operations (Monday-Sunday)
  • 1-5 Sessions can be scheduled per week
  • Training Packages of 5, 10, 20 and 40 sessions are available