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Beyond the world of athletic development BlueStreak employees are well rounded and are extending their services and fun filled facility to companies for Team Building and parties for the Birthday Boy or Girl! Learn more about each facility event available for booking.



Team Building










Team Building


Our training staff is challenging corporate America to team up with fellow coworkers and compete in a one of a kind team building experience. Re-spark the inner athletic fire, or show it off, and partake in fun yet challenging events: Dodgeball, volleyball, hockey, and even a mini combine to name a few. As a company you have the advantage to customize your team building to make it the best team building experience for your staff.


Team Building Program:


Training runs 2 to 3 hours in length depending on companies request
Created for small to mid-sized companies or teams within larger corporations
Max number of participants is 100
Internal teams will be made within the company for training events
Competitions will be scored for the individual and the team