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BlueStreak's 4th Quarter Elite Program is no joke. This is one of our most demanding group training programs we have to offer.  Our protocols are designed to introduce athletes to a college training environment where they can learn their school lifts while being supervised by our expert trainers.  We pride ourselves in teaching the athletes proper weight lifting techniques and proper running mechanics on our state of the art, one of a kind Super Speed Treadmills.  This program guarantees results for any field athlete looking to take their game to the highest potential.

Program Breakdown:
Phase 1: May 30th - July 7th
Phase 2: July 10th - August 18th
All sessions are 90 min long and are available 4 days a week.

Training involves an evaluation which will test the athlete's overall ability to help us learn how to improve them as an individual.  Speed technique, strength training, explosiveness, agility and conditioning are all components we focus on throughout the entire program. There is no other program which can prepare you better for your college experience.

For more information, please contact our Football Manager:
Alex Joseph 

APEX is an intense training program for professional, collegiate, junior, and high school hockey players. Our program focus is to maximize our player’s potential through speed, strength, balance, and coordination training on and off the ice. APEX training takes place at BlueStreak Sports Training Headquarters and BlueStreak Chelsea Piers.

Program Breakdown:
June 12th- September 1st
All sessions are 90 min long and are available 4 days a week.

Weekly training involves a rotation between Hockey Treadmill training, Hockey-Specific strength training, plyometrics, agility, and hip mobility and stretching. APEX Hockey training program is designed to turn you into an elite player.

For more information, please contact our Hockey Director:
Adam Delgado

Our Acceleration program has grown up! We now offer male and female collegiate athletes and graduating seniors (17+ years old) the perfect training program to help prepare them for their upcoming college seasons Don't be left out!

Program Breakdown:
June 12th - August 17th
8am-9:30am at BlueStreak HQ
5pm-6:30pm at BlueStreak CPCT
All sessions are 90 min long, Monday through Thursday.

This program will focus on speed and strength development, explosive footwork and injury prevention to prepare you to dominate your conditioning tests and your competition. We are not only the biggest training facility in CT, we are the best!

For more information, please contact BlueStreak Assistant Director:
Katie Mazin