Blue Streak Sports Training

Youth Athletes: Junior Acceleration

Junior Acceleration

This Junior Acceleration program takes the fundamentals of BlueStreak’s Acceleration programs and condenses them into a format suited to children 7-10 years old.

With the creation of the Junior Acceleration program, adolescents can now train at BlueStreak in programs specifically addressing the needs of younger athletes. The Junior Acceleration program safely provides an introduction to the BlueStreak methodology, which is ideal for young athletes eager for experiences beyond youth leagues. Three essential components are incorporated into each session—dynamic warm-up, speed/agility/strength training and sports training.

The Junior Acceleration Program Emphasizes:

  • Accurate technique and athletic habits
  • SPARQ Training Equipment (Speed, Power, Agility, Reaction, Quickness)
  • Unique agility drills
  • Fundamental skills development
  • Repetition to develop proper muscle memory
  • Basic stride mechanics
  • Sportsmanship

The Program

Athletes begin with a dynamic warm-up, focusing on proper technique and preparing muscles for further exercise. The speed/agility component focuses on multi-directional drills utilizing speed ladders, plyometrics squares and agility hurdles.. The final component of each session includes fundamental skills development, utilizing innovative drills and games to improve sport-specific skill elements.

Keeping it Fun

While BlueStreak strives to make its curriculum fun for athletes of all ages, it pays particular attention to maintaining a kid-friendly training environment for its Junior Acceleration. By interspersing games with skills development, providing a dynamic training environment and fostering a sense of camaraderie, BlueStreak ensures that kids will enjoy every session.